About Us

Having been in the textiles business for over 10 years, The Bath Boutique is the first attempt of retailing customized solutions for your bathroom.

The Bath Boutique provides its customers with a diverse range of product and service offerings in the area of textiles and bathroom accessories. Our constantly evolving strategy of vertical business integration for textiles production combined with various product procurement systems as well as continuous enrichment of product ensures that we can offer our client "one stop" customized solutions.

Our comprehensive offer includes:

  • Constantly changing variety of unique bathroom accessories made of a wide range of materials designed and produced by in-house creative team
  • Bathroom accessories made of wide range of materials procured locally, in the USA, in Europe and in China from our long term business partners
  • All textiles are produced in-house using the highest quality natural fibers thus enabling us to give our customers a 100% quality assurance
  • All textiles are designed and produced by in-house creative team thus ensuring the individuality of the product offer
  • Customized solutions to meet every client's needs and wants